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Our latest book, a Field Guide to the Birds of Hawai’i, was published this year. Listen to the ABA podcast about it here or find out more below:

Part of a series with the American Birding Association, the book celebrates the inclusion of Hawaii in the American Birding Association series and is a comprehensive guide to native and introduced birds in the state was launched after the American Birding Association voted to include Hawai‘I as part of its official checklist for the first time. The ABA decision has dramatically increased interest in birding in the islands, with enthusiasts able to add an additional 115+ birds to their American list.

Helen Raine said, “This book was really fun to write. The isolation of our archipelago means that Hawai‘i some of the most unique and interesting native birds in the world – we want to share that with our readers. We worked hard to make sure it would appeal to people who are just starting out as birdwatchers as well as those birders who are itching to add Hawaiian species to their American list.”

The Raines have been based on Kaua‘i for a decade, with Dr. Andre Raine working principally on endangered seabirds such as the Newell’s Shearwater and Hawaiian Petrel and Helen Raine now focused mainly on native waterbirds, but the couple have taken every opportunity to get close to other native species. “I’m really grateful to the Kaua‘i Forest Bird Recovery Project for volunteer opportunities that took me into the Alaka‘i Swamp to study rare birds like ‘akeke‘e, ‘akikiki and puaiohi in their native habitat. Those experiences really ignited my passion for Hawaiian birds.”

The book is written for beginning to intermediate birders and focuses on the most common birds found in the the state. That includes non natives that residents and visitors will spot in their own yards and parks, as well as ultra-rare species found only in remote mountain locations. Large color images with captions, habitat and behavior info, and conservation text combine to give birders the essential information they need to identify and learn more about each type of bird.

Andre Raine said, “Hawai‘i is a magical place for birdwatchers. The isolation of the archipelago, combined with its varied volcanic landscape, have created a spectacular and unique ecosystem. Hawai‘i is also home to at least 34 species of birds that are found nowhere else in the world, making it a must-see destination for birders. At a time when we are thinking about what we would like tourism to look like in the future in Hawai‘i, we hope this book will inspire visitors and residents to find out more about the natural world here on the islands.

Features include

• 200 beautiful color photographs featuring 136 types of birds in natural habitats

• Clear and concise identification, habitat, and birdsong text

• Tips on when and where to see species

• Organized by type of bird from waterfowl to finches

• Complete bird checklist, detailed state map, index, and quick index

• Perfect portable book for beginning to intermediate birders

• Printed on 100% FSC certified paper from well managed forests

The book can be purchased at local book stores or at amazon.