Helen Raine

helen raine


Helen Raine is the Project Manager for ARC.

Her most recent projects have included:

  • The Kauai Seabird Habitat Conservation Plan (KSHCP). She created the Management Plan for a proposed Social Attraction Site for two endangered seabirds within a predator proof fence and consulted on the main HCP document.
  • Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project (KFBRP). Helen consulted on a wide range of projects including publicity materials, successful grant writing, bird banding, point counts, mosquito monitoring trips and egg harvesting trips for a captive breeding project of highly endangered forest passerines within the Alakaʻi Swamp.

In Europe, Helen previously managed the EU LIFE Yelkouan Shearwater Project, Malta’s largest conservation project; partners included the Armed Forces of Malta, HSBC bank, Malta Maritime Authority and international NGOs. Work included:

  • The creation and execution of the seabird colony management plan. The plan was used by the Maltese government as a template for other protected seabird colonies in Malta.
  • the first major rat eradication project in the Maltese isles to protect endangered seabirds.
  • Research included the first use of cutting-edge technology on this species, including GPS data loggers, geolocators and satellite tags. The output of this work was a key report to advise the government on a roadmap to designate Marine SPAs (several of which have since been declared).

Helen is also a writer and journalist, and has published hundreds of articles on a wide range of topics, particularly the environment and travel. She has a MSc in Conservation from University College London.