Seabird Colony Creation, Monitoring and Management

We specialize in the following:

  • Rapid assessment surveys to locate endangered seabird colonies in remote or challenging areas
  • Colony creation through translocation and social attraction
  • Seabird monitoring using a range of scientific equipment including acoustic monitoring, remote cameras, night vision and drones
  • Guiding land managers in seabird friendly management, including monitoring the effectiveness of management over time
  • Colony protection using predator proof fences
  • Data analysis from multiple data sources including imagery and acoustics
  • GIS mapping and modelling
  • Use of tracking devices (satellite tags, data loggers, geolocators) to assess at-sea distribution, over land transit routes and back-tracking to locate undiscovered seabird colonies

The Seabird team is lead by Science Director Dr. Andre Raine, who has two decades of experience and is internationally recognized as an expert on endangered seabirds and remote colony location, management and monitoring.