Tracking work on Kaua’i has revealed the routes that the endangered Newell’s Shearwater take to and from their remote mountain breeding grounds. This research is important to help us protect the birds from power line collisions and light attraction, both of which can be fatal. ARC worked with Trysen ‘Tkay’ Kaneshige to present this scientific data through a multimedia panel that is more accessible to a wider audience!
Kauai artist Trysen Kaneshige paints a ‘cat safe, wildlife safe’ panel as an ARC Count of Kauai Rise to Work employee.
Here is a short video showing our deployment last week of song meters (acoustic recording devices) on the remote cliffs of Kauai’s beautiful Na Pali coast – we use this equipment to map the breeding distribution of Kauai’s endangered seabirds (particularly Newell’s Shearwater and Band-rumped Storm-petrel) as well as plotting long term population trends for the two species in these otherwise inaccessible areas.
Here’s a short video about this weeks out-planting event in beautiful Upper Manoa! With our partners at @NTBGnursery and Hallux Ecosystem Restoration LLC we are creating a new home for Newell’s Shearwaters and Hawaiian Petrels in the mountains of north-western Kaua’i. We flew over 250 native plants in to a new social attraction site, which will not only provide a safe nesting site for seabirds but also restore the habitat with native plant species. Enjoy the video 🙂