Video updatE: December 8, 2021

‘A’o (Newell’s Shearwater) chick exercising at Upper Limahuli Preserve in the last few days before fledging.

Video updatE: December 1, 2021

Come join us on a virtual field trip to Upper Manoa Valley to see how we monitor endangered seabirds (‘A’o and ‘Ua’u) in this beautiful protected area nestled in the mountains of north-western Kaua’i!

Video updatE: November 23, 2021

This infrared video captures the moment an endangered ‘A’o (Newell’s Shearwater) – grounded by artificial lights – was rescued.

Video updatE: october 19, 2021

An endangered ‘A’o (Newell’s Shearwater) chick exercising outside of its burrow in Upper Limahuli Preserve.

Video updatE: october 6, 2021

An endangered Ua’u, or Hawaiian Petrel was rescued from a flooded burrow in Hono o Nā Pali Natural Area Reserve late last week by a monitoring team from Archipelago Research and Conservation (ARC). 

Video updatE: SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Here’s a short video showing the recovery of acoustic sensors that we deployed earlier this year along the Nāpali Coast of Kaua’i. These units monitor the three Hawaiian endangered seabirds – the ‘a’o (Newell’s Shearwater), ‘ua’u (Hawaiian Petrel) and ‘ake’ake (Band-rumped Storm-petrel).

Video updatE: SEPTEMBER 1, 2021

A feral cat entering an endangered ‘a’o (Newell’s Shearwater) burrow in north-western Kaua’i. Luckily this time the bird survives, as the burrow was too deep, but sadly all too often this ends in a depredation. #keepcatsindoors.

Video updatE: August 6, 2021

Kaua’i multimedia artist Trysen Kaneshige paints an ‘alae ke’oke’o at the Kawai’ele waterbird sanctuary for the ‘Cat Safe, Wildlife Safe Kaua’i’ project.

Video updatE: July 2, 2021

ARC worked with Kaua’i artist Trysen ‘Tkay’ Kaneshige to present Newell’s Shearwater tracking data through a multimedia panel to reach a wider audience.

Video updatE: June 10, 2021

Kaua’i artist Trysen Kaneshige paints a ‘cat safe, wildlife safe’ panel as an ARC Count of Kaua’i Rise to Work employee.

Video updatE: May 19, 2021

Here is a short video showing our deployment last week of song meters (acoustic recording devices) on the remote cliffs of Kaua’i‘s beautiful Na Pali coast.

Video updatE: April 27, 2021

Here is a short video about this weeks out-planting event in Kaua’i ‘s beautiful Upper Manoa, where we planted over 250 plants with our partners NTBG and Hallux Ecosystem Restoration LLC.